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MSNBC Launching $4 Million Integrated Branding Campaign

MSNBC and MSNBC Cable on Monday will launch a joint, integrated, six-week $5 million "Leader in Cable and Internet News" branding campaign.

The companies said the cross-medium, cross-platform promotion is designed to bring cohesion to the MSNBC brand through Internet, radio, print, outdoor, and television media.

The campaign launches concurrently with the release of MSNBC on the Internet's "Breaking News Banners," a custom, Java-based news delivery system.

The creative for the campaign was done in-house. Seven different thirty-second spots will be shown on MSNBC Cable and NBC affiliate stations and 10-second spots will be shown on NBC's Today show and Nightly News. The spots were produced by Lee Hunt and Associates, New York

Also being purchased are 200 million impressions on leading search engines, chat sites, and other news Web sites with banners produced by Quantum Leap in Chicago.

Other components include Sunday newspaper supplements, magazine buys, outdoor advertising (bus stop shelters and bus sides), and radio.