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Beverage Firm Promotes Brand Via New Multimedia "Things"

Urban Juice & Soda Company Ltd., maker of Jones Soda, said it is using Parable's patent-pending Things technology to design multimedia promotional creations.

Things is an easy-to-use drag-and-drop multimedia authoring app that does not require any programming knowledge on the part of the user.

The promotions showcase Jones-sponsored professional skateboarders Tony Hawk and Willi Santos, as well as the soda's brand and identity.

Urban said it has integrated Things into its overall online marketing strategy and will be the first company to use Parable's technology surrounding its brand identity. Jones Soda-related Things are available at the Jones Soda Web site.

Things are self-contained, functional multimedia creations that make Web pages come alive with sound, motion, and animation regardless of the technical know-how of the pages' creator, Urban said. In addition, Things can be shared, owned and protected with confidence over the Web, unlike other forms of multimedia.

Founded in August 1996, Parable simplifies multimedia authoring and production on the Web, making them accessible to all computer users. Located in Newton, MA, Parable is part of the CMG @Venture portfolio of companies.

"Now, with Things, marketers like Urban are empowered with the knowledge that they can safely publish their identity and control how it permeates the Web," said Eric Bedell, president and CEO of Parable.

The Jones Soda Web site is created by Fearless Media of New York and Milwaukee.