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24/7 Media Re-launches Network for Smaller Sites

Advertising company 24/7 Media on Monday re-launched ContentZone, an ad serving network for sites that get fewer than one million monthly impressions.

The company says it has improved its payment structure, beefed-up its Web site to help affiliates grow, introduced an e-commerce program in conjunction with YouNetwork, and launched a free e-mail newsletter with business tips.

ContentZone affiliates, which number four thousand, serve ads sold by 24/7 Media and then receive a portion of the revenue. The minimum average CPM for members -- that is, sites that generate fewer than 150,000 monthly impressions -- is $0.55. Those between 150,000 and one million can get a $1.50 CPM for banners and an $8.00 CPM for serving interstitials, or full-page ads.

"ContentZone has always been a tremendous opportunity for members, who range from serious entrepreneurs to devoted hobbyists, great grandmothers to young adults," says David Moore, chief executive officer of 24/7 Media.

"ContentZone's new site payment plan and added services create a whole new kind of business opportunity for growing sites in the industry."