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Togglethis Unveils New Technology, Targets E-mail Marketers

Togglethis, a company that allows for the e-mail delivery of animated, interactive content and advertisements to users' desktops, on Monday released the newest version of its technology and said it planned to work more closely with direct e-mail marketers.

Although togglethis has been around for several years and has created campaigns for New Line Cinema, Virgin Atlantic Airways, and AT&T, the company has never really broken through with its technology. But now, with the growth of e-mail marketing, and the targeting, tracking, and personalization of its new software, the company hopes to grow its business.

"We wanted to build on the initial platform and offer more features to help marketers take their online programs to the next level," says Michael Gale, chief executive officer of togglethis.

"Also, with more than half of U.S. adults using the Internet today, consumers are more technologically sophisticated. We looked to develop a platform that would really engage consumers on the desktop as well as offer advertisers and entertainment companies a more complete option and viable alternative to banner ads."

The company's first demonstration of its new technology is in a campaign for BMW which introduces the car maker's new sports utility vehicle, the BMW X5.