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CMR Brings Spin-Off into Advertising Fold

Competitive Media Reporting (CMR), which delivers competitive advertising information to agencies, advertisers, broadcasters and publishers, is bringing its Internet spin-off, InterMedia Advertising Solutions (IAS), back into the fold, re-naming it CMRinteractive.

CMR had launched IAS back in 1997 as a separate company to produce reports on Internet ad expenditures. Now, the company has decided to operate it as part of CMR, as it tries to ramp up the frequency and depth of the information it provides.

CMRinteractive competes with AdRelevance, a Media Metrix property that provides marketers with information about Internet advertising.

The new direction for CMRi will involve an expansion of the brands, parent companies, and Web sites tracked. The company also plans to offer its data online for the first time, and intends to move from monthly to weekly, and eventually to daily, reporting.

"CMRi is uniquely positioned to move beyond its core Internet ad expenditure service and quickly grow into an e-commerce initiative bringing value to new Internet companies and advertisers as well as CMR's traditional client base," says Joe Philport, president of CMRi.

"In addition to growing its strong Internet advertising expenditure capabilities, CMRi will expand its service to provide Internet buyers and sellers not only with web advertising information but also CMR's multimedia advertising intelligence."

By that, Philport means that CMRi will allow those who view its reports to view the actual advertising banners that it's measuring.