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Third Age Media Selects Citron Haligman Bedecarr� as Agency

Third Age Media, the publishers of baby boomer-oriented ThirdAge.com, on Monday picked Citron Haligman Bedecarré to develop its advertising.

Citron Haligman Bedecarré is expected to create national broadcast, print and radio ads aimed at raising awareness and driving traffic to ThirdAge.com. A site redesign is also in the works. The level of expected spending wasn't disclosed.

While the ThirdAge.com site, which targets 40- to 50-year-olds, had a head start on rival MyPrimeTime.com, the newer site was first to begin a major national marketing effort. MyPrimeTime.com kicked off a $10 million advertising campaign toward the end of January. Age Wave IMPACT, which specializes in marketing to older Americans, is handling the account.

Citron Haligman Bedecarré clients include Women.com, More.com, Homes.com, GoodHome.com, the good guys!, and Evite.com.

ThirdAge.com has an ace up its sleeve, though -- its relationship with CBS. Back in June of 1999, ThirdAge Media traded a 30 percent equity stake for $54 million in advertising and promotion on CBS properties over seven years.

ThirdAge.com can also call upon ThirdAge Media's own research resources. The company has conducted proprietary and co-branded research on its target audience for Yahoo!, Merrill Lynch, and Procter & Gamble. MyPrimeTime.com is working with its agency to put together similar studies.