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Interactive Character Promotes New Line Cinema's "Lost in Space"

New Line Cinema said it plans to use Interactive Character Technology created by New York-based togglethis to bring to life the classic Robot character from its soon-to-be-released (April 3) film "Lost in Space."

The film stars Gary Oldman, William Hurt, and Mimi Rogers.

The infamous Robot with his trademark line, "Danger, danger, Will Robinson," will appear in a series of six, 60-second interactive cartoons available free via e-mail from the "Lost in Space" Web site and the togglethis Web site.

The campaign marks the first use of togglethis's IC Technology to market an entertainment product online, the companies said. Consumers can not only interact with the Robot, but also the Robot can actually take users to designated entertainment sites to find out showtimes and where the film is playing locally.

"The interactivity of the `Lost in Space' Robot enables us to speak directly to consumers in a personalized and direct fashion," said Gordon Paddison, manager of Interactive Marketing at New Line Cinema. "This is a priceless branding opportunity and smart marketing."

"The benefits of Interactive Characters for online entertainment marketers are extraordinary," said Marc Singer, co-founder of togglethis. "These characters enable marketers to easily and inexpensively build relationships with online consumers."

Financial details of the arrangement were not disclosed.