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IWeb.com, 24/7 Media, iSyndicate Create New Product

IWeb.com, the developer of a new advertising format that helps ISPs generate revenue, on Tuesday forged partnerships with 24/7 Media and iSyndicate, to jointly develop an advertising product aimed at small- and medium-sized ISPs.

The iNotes Express format allows ISPs to deliver advertisements and content to their subscribers directly, no matter what Web site they happen to be surfing. It's being pitched as a way for smaller ISPs to boost their revenues (and perhaps lower or eliminate charges to customers), in an environment in which free ISPs are proliferating and growing.

"The iNotes Express program lets smaller ISPs quickly deploy iWeb's technology and start generating advertising revenue while benefiting from the ad-buying economies of scale enjoyed by major ISPs and portal sites," says Bruce Benson, chief executive officer of iWeb.com.

Under the deal, 24/7 Media (TFSM) will be the exclusive ad serving company, and iSyndicate will be the exclusive provider of content.

The deal is a major coup for iWeb, which last made news with an agreement to work with Freeserve, the United Kingdom's pioneer free ISP.

Subscribers accessing an ISP using iNotes periodically see an iNote message cross their screen displaying a mixture of advertisements, content, or network alert messages. The subscriber can close the message, hold it for future viewing, or click-through. The content can range from simple text to rich-media content, including animation, audio and video. Subscribers also have the ability to personalize the content they view.