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Boomer Site ThirdAge.com Launches $30 Million Campaign

Baby boomer-oriented content site ThirdAge.com on Tuesday kicked off a $30 million advertising campaign that taps the evocative power of The Who anthem "My Generation."

The campaign, designed by Citron Haligman Bedecarré, will feature TV spots in the top eight wired markets in the country, and national print ads. Because CBS traded Third Age Media promotion for equity, the TV spots will air on CBS programs like "The Early Show," "60 Minutes," and "Judging Amy." The print advertising will appear in March issues of More Magazine and in other publications.

In the TV ads, "My Generation" plays while images flash across the screen -- a child running through a field at Woodstock; an astronaut on the moon, Martin Luther King, Jr.; and icons such as the hula hoop and a women's lib sign. The spot then turns to images of contemporary baby boomers.

"The spot was created to entice -- to hint at the celebration of life and of being part of this powerful generation we call the boomers," says Kirk Citron, president of Citron Haligman Bedecarré, ThirdAge Media's agency of record.

ThirdAge.com is competing with MyPrimeTime.com, which started a $10 million campaign toward the end of January.