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Gator Becomes Claria

Controversial ad-supported software player Gator Corporation has changed its name to Claria Corporation, in what it says is a bid to reflect its broadened offerings. The move might also help Gator distance itself from controversy.

Redwood City, Calif.-based Gator has recently worked to cozy up to the Internet advertising industry. It's been successful in attracting big name advertisers to its GAIN Network, which serves ads based on the Web sites people visit. But it's been most well-known for its legal battles, including disputes with the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and major publishers, along with companies like UPS and hotel chain operator Six Continents.

The company says the name change is aimed at broadening the scope of its brand. It launched in 1998 with an e-wallet software called Gator, but it has since expanded to comprise three business units. GAIN Publishing publishes, distributes and provides ad support for free software. The GAIN Network delivers behaviorally-targeted online advertisements to more than 38 million consumers who have downloaded the software. Feedback Research provides online research and analytics using data from the individuals with software installed.

"Moving forward, Claria will continue to leverage its leadership position in behavioral marketing and provide advertisers with a platform to effectively communicate one-to-one with their target audiences, delivering impressive ROI for online marketing campaigns," said Jeff McFadden, president and CEO of Claria Corporation.