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Search Player Aims for Optimization

Pay-per-click search engine optimization and online marketing vendor GO TOAST Monday launched its CampaignOptimizer, a strategic planning and management tool for keyword search marketers.

The Centennial, Colo.-based marketing technology company, which focuses on pay-per-click marketing, said the new tool automatically manages and optimizes keyword campaigns using self-learning algorithms.

Customers can test proposed marketing strategies with CampaignOptimizer, by plugging in general interactive marketing trend data supplied by GO Toast with their own historical data to model likely results. When all information is entered, the customer can modify the various parameters, review the impact of each change on the overall marketing strategy, and implement the most promising program.

"CampaignOptimizer automatically optimizes campaigns as a whole, assigning keyword-specific metrics according to the performance goals the customer has assigned to the entire campaign," said Dave Carlson, CEO of GO TOAST.

Marketers can automatically manage campaigns according to a pre-defined budget or to other key metrics such as cost-per-acquisition, sales or return on advertising spend. GO TOAST CampaignOptimizer prompts the customer to enter specific information and parameters for each model, including campaign goals.

As GO TOAST collects data, the company said, CampaignOptimizer learns what changes produce the best results and responds to changes in market conditions. Offered as a hosted, subscription-based service, it can be used in conjunction with the company's other services.

The company said it would accept only a limited number of subscriptions to the service and it will choose from among applicants.