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24/7 Media to Sell Ads on Juno Free Service

Juno Online Services on Tuesday picked 24/7 Media to sell ads on its free ISP service, a deal that is projected to give 24/7 Media billions of ad impressions and bring Juno tens of millions of dollars in new revenues, over the term of the multi-year agreement.

Users of Juno's free service view a persistent ad banner at all times while they are connected to the Web, and 24/7 Media will have primary responsibility for ad sales on this banner. Other forms of advertising on the Juno system won't be effected by this alliance.

Juno had approximately 3 million active users in the fourth quarter of 1999, with more than 2.3 million active in the month of December. When they sign up, these subscribers complete a detailed questionnaire, which 24/7 Media will be able to use to target advertising and e-commerce promotions.

Under the terms of the deal, it is automatically renewed at the end of each year, unless it's otherwise terminated.

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