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AdForce Targets Small Web Companies with Jump Start Program

In an effort to make relationships with small Web sites before they get bigger, CMGI's AdForce on Thursday launched what it's calling a Jump Start program for ad delivery and management.

The new program is another sign of what the new company CMGI is putting together -- a combined Adsmart, Flycast Communications, and Engage Technologies -- will be able to accomplish in partnership with other CMGI companies. Although it's an AdForce initiative, and it will use AdForce's ad delivery methods, Jump Start will provide web advertisers and publishers access to the Flycast Network and Adsmart's network.

"AdForce is committed to encouraging the success and rapid growth of emerging Internet companies that share our passion for shaping the industry," says Chuck Berger, chief executive officer of AdForce.

"Jump Start is a program tailored to the needs of a specific customer -- the Internet start-up. Everyone started from somewhere in this business, and the industry has seen small Web sites with little or no name recognition become household names in spans of a few years."