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PennyWeb Develops "Anti-Fraud" Coding for Banner Ads

GTA Interactive, a Web development company based in Los Angeles, delivered an anti-fraud update to its clickthrough banner advertising program called PennyWeb.

PennyWeb 2.0 now incorporates an anti-fraud code to prevent abuse of its banner auditing and advertising solution.

"With PennyWeb version 2.0, advertisers can be assured that they are getting the highest quality banner exposure, with virtually zero chance of fraud," said Benoit Pecqueur, President of GTA Interactive.

"Some of the abusers were editing the PennyWeb html code to falsify the recording of banner impressions, like creating pages which forced the visitor to click on a banner to enter their own site without going to the advertisers site. Others were re-writing the code for multiple impressions. Now, when they try to edit or replace the code, we've got 'em. PennyWeb 2.0 carries the code name 'fraud is not an option.'"

With over 16,000 hosting Web sites, and more than 150 advertisers, PennyWeb claims to manage 3.5 million unique clicks per month via its auditing software.

GTA Interactive recently launched PennyWeb Brazil, with expectations to launch PennyWeb France and PennyWeb Germany by the closing of the first quarter of 1998. PennyWeb Canada and PennyWeb Italy are scheduled to launch by the end of the second quarter of 1998. PennyWeb Japan, Greece, Russia and the U.K. will open during the third and fourth quarters of this year.