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Techies.com Launches New Advertising Campaign

Techies.com, a job board that specializes in technology jobs, on Monday kicked off its new television, radio and Internet campaign, which features techies.com members as characters.

The ad campaign positions techies.com as uniquely capable of understanding the language of technology professionals, and features a tagline that plays off IF THEN GOTO statements in computer programming language. For example: "IF you dream in code, THEN GOTO techies.com," or "IF you need a challenge, THEN GOTO techies.com."

"Techies.com understands its members who are unique. It's important to demonstrate that concept, rather than simply say it," said Lee Nadler, president, chief executive officer and lead sherpa of Digital Pulp, which created the campaign.

"We felt this message would be most compelling by showcasing real techies and letting their passion shine. The ads were unscripted, and may only appeal to real techies who get it."

The positioning in the ad campaign also reflects the fact that techies.com is competing with more broad-based jobs boards like Monster.com, CareerMosaic, and HotJobs.com. Its chances of survival in the battle depends on its ability to attract the niche audience its targeting and to become known as the place for technology professionals. Showing that they "speak the language" is an important step in making inroads with the desired audience.

The TV commercials begin airing Monday in New York City, Pittsburgh, Upstate New York and Hartford. On April 10, the campaign will launch on national cable, local radio and on targeted Web sites.