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LWA Tracks New Online Ad Debuts

Leading Web Advertisers (LWA), an competitive research firm, on Tuesday introduced "new to the Web," a service that reports on new banner ads introduced on more than 840 Web sites.

The company's technology scans more than 27,000 unique URLs to detect new banner ads, so advertisers and agencies can better determine how competitors are marketing themselves. The reports are available in what LWA is calling "nearly real time," which means between two and 24 hours after the new ads first run.

"Spotting new companies and brands that often expand into fresh markets and categories requires ad-tracking services without boundaries, capable of catching and reporting immediately all new ads from anywhere on the Web," said Michael Kubin, co-chief executive officer of LWA.

"Identifying and responding to new advertising efforts are crucial, whether in response to the introduction of a start-up or a competitor's new brand."

LWA also offers advertisers reports that let them view the actual creative that's being used, and let them view reports by site, advertiser, or category of site.

LWA competes with MediaMetrix' (MMXI) AdRelevance and Competitive Media Reporting.