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Narrowline Establishes Media Research Division

San Francisco-based Narrowline launched Narrowline Media Research, an information services division that provides third-party media research to media buyers and site publishers utilizing Narrowline Media Exchange (NMX).

NMX is an ad marketplace system that enables media buyers and site publishers to interact securely and directly to buy and sell advertising space. Narrowline is an electronic commerce and information services company for the media industry.

"The Internet as a conduit is maturing into a viable advertising environment. As a result, media buyers need traditional, statistically significant, site- specific audience research to plan their buys," said Tara Lemmey, CEO and founder of Narrowline. "Narrowline Media Research supplies critical audience research to media buyers, and Narrowline's media exchange environment lets buyers access and use this information to make real-time buys."

Narrowline Media Research develops and implements audience profile surveys for site publishers to help define their audiences based on demographics, psychographics, geographic location, lifestyles, attitudes and, on large-scale sites, behavior of the online population.

Using the data, site operators are able to categorize their salable advertising inventory according to content, context and demographics. In turn, this data not only allows media buyers to conduct context-based buys, but assures them that the information given about a site's audience is accurate and unbiased, Narrowline said. Who?Where? and Match.com are among the initial clients.