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Start-up Places Virtual Billboards in 3D Cyber Environments

With all of the attention players focus on video games, it's no surprise that a start-up, Adaboy Inc., is seeking to capitalize on those eyeballs by placing ads inside the 3D environment of a game.

Adaboy's patented technology lets it seamlessly insert demographically targeted logos, brand messages and product placement within the action of virtual worlds. They appear as part of the virtual environment, but they don't disrupt the online activity, according to the company.

"It may be a billboard, a sign, a logo-placement on an item, much the same way we're presently exposed to advertising in the real world," said Craig Campbell, president and chief executive officer of Adaboy.

"Our initial emphasis will be in gaming, where the fit is a natural."

The company hopes that its model will help video game developers make more money, and perhaps enable them to offer their wares for free.

According to Adaboy, all developers must do is insert a software module into the game engine and the ads will appear in virtually any genre of game.

The company plans to have users fill out surveys before and after game play, so they can measure the effectiveness of the ads.

Adaboy executives also envision the virtual billboards appearing in other 3D environments, like virtual shopping malls or 3D chat rooms.

"There are endless and very cool possibilities for using Adaboy technology that will ultimately make the online experience far more compelling than it is today," said Campbell.