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GO.com Names New Agency, VP of Marketing

Disney's GO.com (GO) on Thursday tapped Cliff Freeman & Partners to be the advertising agency for the GO Network, and appointed Doug De Vito to work with the agency as vice president of marketing.

De Vito, who has worked for companies like Procter & Gamble (PG), Potomac Partners, AT&T Solutions and Lyte.com, is charged with re-positioning GO.com's brand identity as an entertainment-focused portal.

While the network had once aimed to be a general interest portal with a broad reach, it has since abandoned that goal and sought to focus on entertainment and leisure -- a natural fit for a company with ties to Disney (DIS).

"The brand marketing, media experience, and fresh perspective Doug brings to our team is a great fit for the direction we're taking over the coming months," said Judy Fearing, senior vice president of marketing for GO.com.

"As we focus our product efforts on the broad categories of recreation, entertainment and leisure, our marketing efforts will communicate that to consumers and Doug's team will be a driving force behind those communications."

De Vito comes most recently from Lyte.com, a personalized retail entertainment service, where he was vice president of marketing. GO.com hopes his experience in strategic marketing and partnership development will help him forge these types of ties as the network seeks to shift its emphasis.

Cliff Freeman & Partners clients include Fox Sports Online, Office.com, and Cyberian Outpost (COOL).