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NetCreations Wins More Technology Addresses with CNET

E-mail marketer NetCreations on Thursday tightened its already formidable grip on opt-in e-mail lists of technology consumers, signing a deal to manage and market addresses for CNET (CNET).

NetCreations (NTCR) already has similar relationships with internet.com (INTM), the publisher of internetnews.com, and CMPnet.

"Our marketing customers will be able to reach an even broader audience of consumers interested in technology, and the millions of tech-savvy users who come to CNET will have the opportunity to choose to receive discounted offers and free trial services," said Rosalind Resnick, chairman and chief executive officer of NetCreations.

NetCreations manages email lists for more than 200 third-party Web sites including ICQ, About.com (BOUT), CBS SportsLine, Entrepreneur Magazine, Uproar, and LinkExchange The company says it has a database of more than six million e-mail addresses.