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Activate.net, AdForce Ally for Streaming Media Ads

Activate.net and AdForce, both majority-owned companies of CMGI (SALN), on Monday agreed to jointly develop technology to dynamically serve streaming media ads.

Activate.net brings its technology for serving audio and video streams to the deal, while AdForce contributes ad delivery and reporting.

Internet companies have been rushing to develop advertising solutions for streaming media, as the percentage of users with broadband access increases, and as video-based content companies seek to monetize their traffic.

RealNetworks (RNWK) , Microsoft (MSFT) , and many of the major advertising players -- including Engage (ENGA) and 24/7 Media (TFSM) -- have struck agreements and developed technology aimed at exploiting streaming media.

"Advertisers have long desired an online solution that could captivate an audience as effectively as television," said Chuck Berger, chief executive officer of AdForce.

"Through this partnership, AdForce and Activate.net will create and deliver digital advertisements that approach the depth and flavor of television commercials, while allowing advertisers to utilize the unique advantage of the Internet as a fully interactive medium."