RealTime IT News, Entertainment Weekly Team For Promotion (PRMO) and Entertainment Weekly on Friday joined forces to get the word out about the magazine's "Ticket to the Stars" Internet promotion.

The promotion encourages people to register for the chance to win prizes, including an all-expenses-paid trip to the Hollywood during Oscar time next year.

To enter, people must visit's Web site, which means the deal with Entertainment Weekly will drive traffic and member registrations at the site.

To support the promotion, Entertainment Weekly is running "Ticket to the Stars" advertising throughout the month of March, and will prominently feature the promotion on banners throughout its Web site. provided the theme, promotion infrastructure and fulfillment services. The company is using its new iDIALOG LUCKeTICKETS system, which sends those who enter a contest daily e-mails featuring their personal ticket number. The e-mails also give users a unique URL where they can check their tickets against the winning ticket numbers posted online.