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AmpliFire Network To Give Sites Streaming Media, Ads

audiohighway.com Thursday launch its AmpliFire Network and AmpliFire entertainment modules, which will deliver Internet radio, music video, audiobook and comedy content together with rich media advertising.

The program enables AmpliFire Network member sites to deliver free rich media content from audiohighway.com (AHWY) to an end-user's computer through an array of AmpliFire entertainment modules served by audiohighway.com.

As part of the initial launch of the AmpliFire Network, audiohighway.com has also entered into two new marketing relationships, one with iSyndicate and another with L90, Inc.

Through its agreement with audiohighway.com, iSyndicate will make AmpliFire entertainment modules available to Web sites that are part of iSyndicate's content syndication service. Advertising inventory from the AmpliFire Network will also be made available to advertisers through the L90Broadband network of Web sites.

Rich media content delivered through each AmpliFire entertainment module is available in RealPlayer and Windows Media Player formats.

"The AmpliFire Network allows member sites to begin to fulfill the huge demand for rich media content and advertising without incurring the time or expense required to implement these capabilities," said Jay Adams, vice president of business development for audiohighway.com.

AmpliFire entertainment modules delivering streaming video content (initially music video only) allow advertisers to serve multimedia commercials to Internet users, with one new commercial streamed to the desktop for each video delivered to an end-user.

Each AmpliFire entertainment module is also advertising supported through traditional Internet banners and ad buttons.