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Another Entry in the Site Ranking Field

ScoreCard Inc., of Rockville, MD-based launched ScoreCheck, an automated agent that analyzes Web site rankings on 15 major Internet search engines.

This service "will be an important tool for companies and advertisers on the Web that need information on search engine rankings to develop marking strategies," the company said.

"ScoreCheck is a revolutionary way of tackling an old problem," said Teresa Kelchner, marketing director of ScoreCard. "Information on the effectiveness of marketing drives and popularity of Web sites while also making sure Web investments are recouped has been always desired. Now you can find out this information painlessly using Scorecheck."

ScoreCheck allows users to check out 15 major search engines and indexes at once to see how the top four Web sites rank. Users enter keywords and URLs which ScoredCheck analyzes and then reports where the Web sites are ranked by the search engines and indices.

The "ScoreCard" report begins with a graphic overview displaying the rankings on search engines which include Excite, Altavista, Lycos, Infoseek and Yahoo!.

Also provided in the "Scorecard" are detailed lists of search results, including the top 10 ranking on each search engine or index under those keywords. The report is then e-mailed to the user.