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AdForce Offers Interactive Banners

AdForce Inc., an online provider of centralized,outsourced ad management and delivery services, Monday launched a new marketing product in partnership with application service provider iQ.com.

AdForce Promotions 1.0 creates banners designed to generate customer interaction. Advertisers can use the product to seamlessly post special offers on any Web site. A fast, non-intrusive method of ad deployment first appears on a user's Web page in the form of a teaser--a graphic image inviting the user to click through. Clicking on the teaser leads to a pop-up billboard, which displays the promotional offer.

A menu of options allows advertisers to tailor their campaigns. Selections include iQpon, a digital coupon; iQaction, which drives traffic to brick and mortar stores; iQsweepstakes, which develops a prospect database; iQlead, which develops a qualified database; iQstore, which display one or more products; iQsurvey, which provides data on customers; and iQpremium, an incentive program to complete an action. Summary reports detail the number of pop-ups, click-throughs and click-through rates by date every week or month as well as the lifetime of a campaign.

Web users enjoy engaging banners that are non-intrusive, fast loading and relevant to their personal interests, said Dee Cravens, Ad Force Promotions' executive vice president.

"This is a great addition to the value proposition that we provide our customers and that our networks can provide to their customers," said Cravens. "Increased customer satisfaction again ties back to the advertisers, who benefit from higher (return on investment) and customer acquisition."