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L90 Releases Wireless Marketing Product

Ad firm L90 on Monday unveiled a wireless marketing solution called L90|ToGo, a service based on the company's ad serving technology that lets businesses reach their customers on wireless devices.

Individuals sign up for the service by entering their personal preferences on an L90 ToGo co-branded Web site. Then, these consumers can use the wireless connection to order products and services from the business. The business, in turn, can use the wireless relationship to send messages or special offers to the subscriber.

"Due to the flexibility of adMonitor, most of the resources to serve and track wireless ads already exist within our current technology. With an increasing demand for wireless applications, we made a few adjustments to adMonitor to create L90|ToGo," said Frank Addante, chief technology officer of L90 Inc.

"This service will provide a unique link between businesses and their most valuable customers by placing the tools for personalized, two-way communications right into the consumer's hands. Consumers can tell the business what they want -- and when they want it. In turn, with our adMonitor technology, businesses receive insightful profiles to help highly personalize their marketing efforts."

The service perhaps more resembles e-mail marketing than advertising, in that subscribers must opt-in to receive the messages. Another key online advertising element, thought to be very important for the medium's development, is missing here -- geographic targeting.