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adXML.org Exchanges Insertion Order in XML "Language"

Taking the wraps off its new specification for digitally exchanging information on ad placements, industry group adXML.org Tuesday proposed releasing version 1.0 of the adXML language, after it was used to send data for the online campaign of an automobile maker.

Media buying firm Mediaplex Inc. was on the sending end of the transaction, and L90 Inc. on the receiving end. Mediaplex, which began and has been spearheading the adXML.org work, sent the information on behalf of its client, Critical Mass, an interactive advertising agency.

The adXML language is being developed to ease the process of exchanging information about ad avails and placements, doing digitally what has been done by phone, e-mail and fax. The 1.0 version is for online campaigns, and the group hopes to include all media types in its final release at the end of the year.

"By enabling the real-time automation of every advertising business transaction all along the supply chain, from advertisers to agencies and publishers, the adXML technology significantly minimizes the costs and delays associated with current routing and processing procedures," said Art Scott, Mediaplex's director of adXML and adXML.org chairman.

"Although the advertising industry has made attempts to set standards for EDI transmission of contractual data, EDI is a proprietary, not an open, standard and requires both expensive translation software as well as support personnel on both sides of the process. adXML eliminates this expense and makes any digital trade easy to set up and to receive."

The adXML.org group was founded in December 1999, and now consists of more than 140 companies representing traditional media, such as print, TV, radio and outdoor, as well as new media, including online, e-mail, set-top box/broadband and the wireless market.