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Media Metrix Expands Industries Measured

Media Metrix, which issues the widely-quoted Internet audience measurement statistics, this week expanded the number of industries it measures to 27 and increased the detail with which it looks at Web properties.

The company, which has been issuing statistics for Web properties and title sites within those properties, will now drill down to channels and sub-channels within those properties. A total of 61 sub-channels will be measured.

With this system, Media Metrix would, for example, rate Yahoo! Finance against AOL's Finance Channel. This means advertisers can get a much better idea of how much traffic a particular vertical is getting. Media Metrix obtains its statistics by extrapolating from the behavior of a panel of Web surfers.

"This is to address the questions our clients had as companies were acquired, and as the digital universe expands," said Will Hodgman, chief marketing officer of Media Metrix and chief executive officer of its AdRelevance division.

AdRelevance also has some new tricks up its sleeve. The company will expand its online ad tracking system to probe more than 500,000 URLs.