RealTime IT News Tapped For Access to College Students

E-commerce sites aren't usually the ones benefiting financially from co-marketing agreements, but when you're and have access to the much-coveted college student market, things are a little bit different.

The company on Thursday inked marketing agreements with three companies -- REI,, and -- to help them tap into the 18- to 14-year-old crew.

These marketing partnerships, the financial details of which were not disclosed, will include things like: placement in e-mail newsletters to's database, placement in targeted e-mails, and the distribution of product samples and coupons through its sales force and through book shipments. Of course, basic things like targeted placements and banner ads on the Web site will also play a role.

"We offer an effective, proven solution to reach college students through our college marketing expertise and our extensive student rep network," said Eric Kuhn, president and chief executive officer of

"We are excited about using these capabilities to drive value to our partners so they exceed their goals for reaching this sought-after demographic."