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NetZero Unveils Video Ads

Ad-supported free ISP NetZero Inc., on Monday revealed its plans for that idle time when users are connecting to the Internet -- 30-second video commercials.

The technology, which the company is calling NZTV, is the first fruit of NetZero's acquisition of Aim TV Inc. in December 1999.

The company has already signed on an advertiser -- GMBuyPower.com. Initially, NetZero will offer exclusive deals to four advertisers each month, whose spots will run in rotation.

"NZTV enables us to leverage this new medium using commercials already produced for television, saving us additional production costs," said Leo Drew, GMBuyPower.com director of operations.

Presumably, the ads are downloaded to users' hard drives during the time when they are connected, then displayed the next time that the user begins the log-in process. Because of this, NetZero says the ads are non-streaming, and of broadcast quality.

The development of high-quality video delivery systems are considered critical to the growth of online advertising, because some traditional advertisers -- car makers, especially -- believe only video can show off their products to best advantage.