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MyComputer.com Launches Pay-Per-Click Ad Network

MyComputer.com, a firm that provides small Web businesses with outsourced applications, on Monday added cost-per-click advertising to the services it provides its members.

The iClicks ad network, which will consist of MyComputer.com affiliates, will give advertisers a low-risk way of reaching potential customers. And Web site owners will get ten cents for every click-through on their sites.

The difficulty MyComputer.com is likely to face is convincing advertisers of the quality of the audience accessible through its network of small sites. With a pay-per-click model, though, the company reduces the risk for its advertisers.

"The addition of iClicks is a great enhancement to MyComputer.com's suite of integrated site-management applications for small- to medium-sized businesses on the Web," said Josh James, chief executive officer at MyComputer.com.

"iClicks offers site owners a valuable opportunity to add quality advertising to their site, generate additional revenues and learn more about who is visiting their sites and clicking through their banner ads."

MyComputer.com already operates an impression-based ad network of its affiliate sites.

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