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Mediaconnex, KPMG Partner for TV Ad Sales Online

Mediaconnex, a firm that's developing an Internet market for the buying and selling of television advertising inventory, on Tuesday tapped KPMG Consulting to help it create its media marketplace.

KPMG will help Mediaconnex integrate Internet-based systems with media companies' existing software.

The idea -- as with other media marketplaces like OneMediaPlace.com, BuyMedia.com and AdOutlet.com -- is to streamline the process of buying and selling advertising inventory.

"We are committed to partnering with broadcasters to develop the premier online channel for broadcast media sales," said to Sean Atkins, president and chief executive officer of Mediaconnex.

"[KPMG's team includes former broadcast executives with intimate knowledge of how media is bought and sold, and the challenges of integration."

The start-up company hasn't revealed its planned launch date.