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B2BWorks Will Serve Ads For OfficeMax.com

Online business-to-business ad network B2BWorks has snagged OfficeMax.com as a client, winning the right to sell ads on the small-business-oriented site.

The move is an important one for B2BWorks in that it adds a big brand-name customer to its roster, giving it additional credibility. The network's clients so far have mostly consisted of the online versions of printed trade publications.

The deal also gives the B2B ad network more reach. It won't be as highly-targeted as the audience it reaches at the trade publication sites, but it will be an audience that's attractive to advertisers. Many of the more consumer-oriented ad networks -- DoubleClick, Engage, and 24/7 Media -- have launched channels, or whole networks, dedicated to business-to-business sites.

"Our agreement with OfficeMax.com gives us significant additional access to small- and medium-sized business executives," said Bill Furlong, president and chief executive officer of B2BWorks.