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Engage Unveils Structure of Media Division

Engage Inc. on Monday revealed the new organizational structure of the media division, which merges Engage's AudienceNet with the operations of acquisitions Flycast Technologies and Adsmart.

The new division is designed to provide advertisers and agencies with a one-stop-shop, where they can meet all of their marketing needs.

The company now extends to 4,000 Web sites, serves over 7.5 billion quarterly ad impressions, and reaches nearly 60 percent of the Web, according to Media Metrix figures.

Engage Media will orient its offerings by marketing objective. Response-oriented programs are aimed at generating a response to a specific message or offer. Awareness-oriented programs will deliver messages to a broad audience. Brand-oriented programs are aimed at creating a long-term relationship with a customer.

The media division's rate card, based on effective CPM, is as follows:


  • Audience Profiles - $20-$30
  • Targeted Content - $15-$25
  • Optimized Run of Network - $6
  • Cost Per Click - starting at $0.40


  • Non-optimized Run of Network - $5
  • Email - starting at $8


  • Premium Site Buys - starting at $25, which includes Run of Site - $25-$70)
  • Sponsorship - custom quote
  • Audience Profiles - $20-$30
  • Targeted Content - $15-$25