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AdForce to Deliver Ads to Public Access Kiosks

AdForce LLC, CMGI Inc.'s ad serving firm, on Wednesday allied with National Electronic Technologies, whose Global VideoNET pay-per-use public Internet access terminals are being installed in hotels, shopping malls, airports, truck stops and other locations.

The deal, under which AdForce will serve ads to the kiosks, is part of the company's AdForce Anywhere initiative. That initiative aims to deploy AdForce technology across a variety of platforms -- including to kiosks, wireless devices, and interactive television sets. The adaptation of ad serving companies to new technologies is thought to be key as the Internet infrastructure is used to deliver content to more diverse devices.

Advertisements on the Global VideoNET network will be targeted by geographic area and by interest.

"This exciting relationship between AdForce and NET is what our customers and alliances have been looking for," said Brad MacPherson, National Electronic Technologies' president and founder.

"We expect it will soon generate significant advertising and e-commerce revenues from Global VideoNET terminals situated around the globe."

So far, most of the terminals are located in the United States and Canada.