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Get Your Wire-Free Blue Light Special

Kmart's online venture, BlueLight.com Wednesday tapped e-mail-marketing master LifeMinders, Inc. to deliver the retailer's signature "Blue Light Specials" over wireless devices.

Fran Maier, BlueLight.com vice president of marketing, said the online entity is dedicated to delivering exceptional values to its members in the tradition of Kmart's famous "Blue Light Specials."

"LifeMinders' wireless technology allows us to honor this tradition anytime and anywhere our customers may be, providing new avenues to savings that suit their busy lifestyles," Maier said.

Last month, Bluelight.com announced it would utilize LifeMinders' personalization technology to distribute direct e-mail offers to its more than 2 million free Internet service subscribers. As part of the service, LifeMinders also delivers BlueLight.com product offers and information to its 15 million members.

Stephen Chapin, Jr., LifeMinders founder and chairman, said Bluelight.com is the first outsourcing partner to expand its original agreement with LifeMinders.

"We expect other outsourcing partners will also be expanding their agreements to utilize our wireless technology, providing millions of their customers with timely, personalized messages via wireless devices," Chapin said.

Expanding its relationship with LifeMinders to include wireless delivery will allow Bluelight.com to send a daily e-commerce offers to its millions of registered users. Members using wireless Internet-enabled devices can purchase the daily special directly from their wireless device.

In related news, LifeMinders dropped the "dot.com" from its original name. A spokesperson said the name change better reflects its expanded business presence.

LifeMinders, Inc. currently operates its direct marketing business from wireless, business-to-commerce, and outsourcing business units. LifeMinders Wireless is its newest business sector.

The company originally entered the Internet marketplace offering its personalized content and advertising services that deliver free, daily e-mail messages. Every month, LifeMinders sends more than 180 million targeted advertising messages to 15 million members, on an opt-in membership basis.

LifeMinder's Chapin said its business model is highly scalable and owns a proven success record.

"We now find ourselves at the critical mass in the Internet revolution," Chapin said. "Our proprietary infrastructure is the engine that will drive the delivery of targeted content to all wireless devices in the future."