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L90 Launches Wireless Reporting Application

Ad network L90 Inc. on Tuesday started up adMonitor toGO, an application that lets advertisers and Web publishers check real-time results of campaigns from Internet-enabled wireless devices running the Palm operating system.

The company touted the application as the first such wireless interface available through an ad serving technology. Media buying firm Orb Digital Direct has been offering a wireless reporting application -- ORBit Express 2000 -- for several months.

Both solutions tap into the new on-the-go wireless lifestyle that Internet industry folks are adopting, helped along by devices like the Palm Pilot and the Blackberry wireless e-mail pager. According to a recent study by market researcher Cahner's In-Stat Group, large firms will spend over $117 billion on wireless equipment and services by the end of 2002, in an effort to maximize efficiency when employees are out of the office.

"adMonitor toGO is designed to accommodate the increasing number of professionals who find themselves in need of statistical information when they are traveling or away from a computer," said Frank Addante, chief technology officer of L90.

"You simply download the application to your wireless device and your campaign's statistical information can be accessed any time, anywhere."