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PlayNow.com Offers Access to Disney Interactive Titles

Disney Interactive and Into Networks Tuesday announced the creation of the Disney Interactive Channel on Into Networks' PlayNow.com service.

The partnership aims to create cross-over sales by bringing entertainment products from Disney Interactive to Into Networks' broadband content delivery platform.

The branded content channel will give consumers real-time on-demand access to a range of Disney Interactive titles, including Toy Story, The Lion King and Tarzan, among others.

The channel will feature a cross-section of titles from Disney Interactive's key segments of Games, Learning and Creativity. Included in the initial 12-title lineup are A Bug's Life Action Game, The Lion King Activity Center and Winnie the Pooh Kindergarten.

Into Networks has created a platform that enables software to execute in real time over broadband networks. The platform introduces a flexible business and consumer model for software, allowing users to try titles at no charge before they purchase, rent single titles for a few days or subscribe to channels of content on a monthly basis.

This creates a rich content experience for users while increasing revenues, and strengthening brand awareness and customer loyalty for software publishers and broadband service providers, according to Jan Smith, president, Disney Interactive.

"The software channel extends the reach of our content to consumers who have already seen the value of broadband Internet access and are now looking for branded, mainstream rich content," she said.