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ClicVU Rounds Up Support from Agency.com

Start-up advertising firm ClicVU, which creates technology that lets Web surfers save banner ads for later viewing, on Thursday sealed a pact with Agency.com's i-traffic division that gives a big boost to the nascent firm's credibility.

I-traffic was the first interactive marketing agency to agree to use the ClicVU technology, which it believes will be especially useful for promotional offers or big-ticket items that consumers research extensively. The company is currently testing the technology with two of its clients --ConsumerInfo, a provider of free online credit reports, and iMotors, a used car e-tailer.

"It's like tearing a page out of a magazine so that you can reference it later," Scott Sanborn, director of i-traffic's interactive marketing consulting group.

"Imagine you are busy making some last minute trades online and you see an ad for a beautiful watch. You had been thinking about getting a watch... but at the moment you don't have any time to waste. Without leaving your stock-trading site, you can just click on the ad, save it, and go back to your trading. When it is convenient for you, you can go and take a look at the offer for the watch."

The support of an agency like i-traffic is critical for start-ups like ClicVU, which have built technology and are eager to have it implemented. Although the ClicVU solution has been tested by individual sites in the past, this deal will allow the company to get more widespread distribution for its technology.