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MP3.com, CafePress.com Offer Virtual Merchandising

MP3.com, Inc. and CafePress.com have made a deal that will provide virtual merchandising services to digital artists found at MP3.com.

This agreement allows digital artists who post their music on MP3.com to design and sell their own products such as T-shirts on the MP3.com Web site with no up-front costs, inventory or production concerns. To use the service, artists upload their artwork, design the products they wish to sell and receive a private online store to sell their products. When orders are made, CafePress.com manages product manufacturing, fulfillment and customer service issues. Artists retain complete control over product designs, prices, and profit margins.

"Our partnership with Cafe Press furthers MP3.com's commitment to providing digital artists with marketing tools that will allow them to succeed in the digital marketplace," said Michael Robertson, chairman and chief executive officer of MP3.com. "As a Music Service Provider, we are building an infrastructure that will support the creation of a new music community. Empowering digital artists through revenue, marketing and promotional opportunities is an important part of that vision."

As part of the agreement, MP3.com will promote "MP3.com Merchandise Stores" through its web site, allowing artists and fan club organizations to design their own merchandise for fans to purchase.

"My band has been able to sell merchandise across the country right from our website without spending a dime," said Lonnie Lyver of the band ArmaGetItOn. "There are none of the usual hassles associated with merchandizing. No out-of-pocket fees, no back stock and no minimums! You can even order from your own store so you can have merchandise to sell at shows. We ordered 100 shirts and the turn around time was less than a week! I can't think of a reason not to join CafePress.com."

"We are excited to be working with MP3.com," said Fred Durham, President of CafePress.com. "The combination of MP3.com's virtual music distribution and CafePress.com's virtual merchandising solutions is a natural fit and further empowers independent artists with the ability to control and promote their work and build name recognition."

Musicians can access to free virtual marketing services from MP3.com and CafePress.com by registering to post music on MP3.com at www.mp3.com/newartist