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Beyond Interactive Establishes Emerging Media Group

Online advertising agency Beyond Interactive this week staked its claim on marketing on burgeoning media platforms, putting together an emerging media services group to handle new devices.

The group is looking at ways of marketing on wireless devices (cellular phones and Palm/PDA devices), interactive kiosks (including ATM machines and airport kiosks), video games, interactive television, software, and net appliances (household appliances equipped with Internet capabilities).

"People are able to access the Internet on devices other than computers, and these up-and-coming technologies will present new advertising opportunities," said Jonn Behrman, chief executive officer of Beyond Interactive.

The company is currently developing ads for its clients, to be deployed on wireless devices. It's also helping clients develop wireless Web sites. Beyond Interactive also has developed ads to be embedded in software.

Beyond also sees big potential for advertising on kiosks, interactive television, and Net appliances.