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Promotions.com Introduces E-mail Service

In an effort to capitalize on the growing popularity of e-mail marketing, online promotions company Promotions.com has unveiled its new service, PromoMail.

As a part of its new offering, Promotions.com is integrating promotions into its e-mail marketing campaigns, in an effort to help marketers increase e-mail response rates, enrich targeting capabilities, generate sales leads and enhance their permission marketing initiatives.

"PromoMail will help redefine the future of Internet marketing," said Steven Krein, chairman and chief executive officer of Promotions.com.

While Promotions.com is not the first to combine e-mail with promotions -- others have, at the least, incorporated loyalty programs into e-mail -- the company may be the first to develop such an extensive product line combining the two.

The PromoMail services will include opt-in lists, which allow marketers to reach Promotions.com customers who have opted-in to receive information about products and services. In addition, Promotions.com is offering opt-in newsletters, and helping marketers build promotions into messages to their own e-mail lists or into newsletters.