RealTime IT News, AdAce Team for Small Business Ads Inc., a site that helps unsigned musicians distribute their songs, on Thursday inked a deal with AdAce Inc., which will allow these musicians to create and buy banner ads on the site.

Using the AdAce system, members of the Web site, can create banners, upload existing ones, store them, buy ads, check on campaign reports, and be automatically billed.

"Content owners are constantly turning to us for ways to actively promote their music in a cost-efficient manner," said Michael Robertson, chairman and chief executive officer at

"And while we have never been a content promoter, we understand the significance of making promotional and marketing technologies available, so that content owners have the opportunity to make more money. By following a few simple steps, state-of-the-art promotional and marketing tools can be affordably and effectively used by content owners who want to maximize their exposure-and their revenue."

The idea behind AdAce is enabling Web site publishers to sell ads to small businesses that would otherwise be too small to attract the publishers' attention. AdAce allows these folks to buy through a Web interface, freeing up the publishers' resources.

AdAce has also signed deals with InfoSpace, Accuweather,, MapQuest, LatinoLink, NetNoir, Bizland, ThinkDirectMarketing and