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AdForce, AgentGO.com Team for Personalized Wireless Ads

AdForce LLC, CMGI's ad serving company, this week joined forces with AgentGO.com, which produces personalization products for the wireless Internet, to develop technology for targeting and personalizing wireless ads.

The companies are working to develop a sort of opt-in advertising solution, so that advertisers could personalize messages and send them only to people who have asked for them. This is aimed at making advertising more relevant to the consumer and more effective for the advertiser.

At the moment, one of the issues plaguing the nascent wireless advertising industry is how to serve relevant ads that won't annoy the consumer. A consumer using a wireless device can be interrupted anywhere -- walking down the street, in the middle of dinner, etc. -- so it's important that advertising be presented in such a way that the consumer is receptive to the message.

"The AdForce relationship brings us one step closer to our goal of translating Internet advertising models to the wireless market and establishing standards for this emerging industry," said Russell Glass, chief executive officer at agentGO.com.

"AdForce is a natural choice to work with because they are a proven leader in ad management and delivery services for both PC-based and wireless Internet users."