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NetWeb Hires PointCast Ad Exec

San Francisco-based NetWeb Corp., a provider of services to Web site developers, said that Anna Zornosa will spearhead the firm's start-up efforts as its first chief operating officer.

She comes to NetWeb Corp. from PointCast where she served as senior vice president for advertising sales and affiliate development.

"Back in the early 90's, executives I knew and trusted said that Anna was a superstar in the making at Ziff-Davis," said Bill Lohse, a technology industry pioneer and founder of NetWeb Corp. "And at PointCast, she proved them right. We are particularly excited by Anna's proven success in developing business-to-business strategic partnerships, as this will be one of her main charges with NetWeb."

Zornosa joined PointCast in 1995, after what Fast Company called a "meteoric rise" in the conventional publishing business. Her pre-PointCast experience included serving as the editor in chief of Communications Week and the executive director of Ziff-Davis Networks.

NetWeb offers its services for free, in exchange for Web publishers' unsold page impressions. NetWeb has SmartClicks, the ad banner exchange network, and plans to offer a suite of such services to help publishers and allow advertisers to reach out to a much larger Web audience.