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TimeSink Launches Downloadable Software Ad Network

TimeSink Communications Inc. said it will partner with SegaSoft Networks, Imagine Media, PKWare, White Pine Software Inc. and Ad-Venture, the Internet advertising division of Venture Direct Worldwide, to bring advertising to the desktop.

Harrisburg, PA-based TimeSink said its partners have agreed to integrate TimeSink's AdJoin advertising solutions with a number of widely distributed software applications.

And as part of the program, CNET's download.com has agreed to distribute AdJoin-enabled software titles on the software downloading site. TimeSink will provide ad service capability via its AdGateway.

"TimeSink's AdGateway allows software developers to imbed dynamic advertising in all types of software with advertisements that will be viewed worldwide," said Marty Schoffstall, CEO of TimeSink. "We intend to work with the top 20 Web sites, the developers and distributors of leading software applications, and the ad networks to bring Internet advertising to the desktop."

Edwin Miller, TimeSink's vice president for marketing, said that "Our AdJoin technologies . . . allow Web sites to extend their network beyond online to include all downloadable applications."

TimeSink Communications distributes its AdJoin technologies, free of charge, to members of the AdGateway. The company works with them to enable advertising capability within or around PC software applications. AdGateway members are provided with the AdSDK and AdInstant tools that incorporate advertising into their existing Windows 95 applications.