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24/7 Media Reorganizes Itself

In response to an 18-month period of rapid growth, interactive marketing company 24/7 Media Inc. Wednesday unveiled a plan to reorganize the company into five new divisions.

24/7 said the reorganization was made to quickly integrate a series of recent acquisitions into the existing 24/7 infrastructure.

The new organization divides the company into the following divisions: 24/7 Media, International, which includes 24/7's operations in Europe, Asia, and Latin America; 24/7 Media, Media Solutions, which includes the company's advertising, wireless advertising, e-mail list management and brokerage; 24/7 Media, Broadband and Professional Services, which includes convergence technology solutions; 24/7 Media, Technology Solutions, which includes the company's e-mail service bureau; and 24/7 Media, eCRM Solutions (Customer Relationship Management), which manages relationships with advertisers.

As part of the restructuring, 24/7 said that is seeking to fill a newly created chief operating officer position. Other personnel announcements Wednesday include the naming of Robert Colvin, president, International; Scott Paternoster, president, Media Solutions; James Green, president, Technology Solutions; Mark Schaszberger, president, Professional and Broadband Services; and Michael Rowsom, president, eCRM.

"We are very excited with this new organization," said David J. Moore, chief executive officer, 24/7 Media. "In this highly competitive industry, it is absolutely critical that we align our business with our customers needs."