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Engage's Technology Division Goes Cross-Platform

In an effort to jump ahead of the curve as ad serving across multiple platforms becomes a must-have technology, Engage Enabling Technologies, a division of CMGI's Engage Inc., on Monday launched a new version of its stand-alone ad serving software, Engage AdManager 5.0.

The technology allows users to target and serve ads to wireless devices, streaming media applications, enhanced television, and "persistent desktop objects" like bars that reside on a user's computer screen. The ad serving software will also allow companies to deliver campaigns to kiosks, gas pumps and ATM machines.

The company says the move is driven by customer demand, especially in the streaming media, wireless, and "persistent desktop object" arenas.

"The momentum is building," said Kimo Kong, general manager of Engage Enabling Technologies. "We see the opportunities rapidly growing."

Engage has been working with its client CNET Networks Inc., and ad agency Lot21, to develop creative and deploy campaigns on this new platform.

Although it's widely acknowledged that standards for "impressions" and "click-through" will have to be developed for these emerging media, Engage Enabling Technologies said its technology builds on the current Internet standards. An "impression" is recorded when a device calls for an ad, and "click-through" is measured by a user's interaction with that ad.

"It's just another file to us," said Kong, adding that the company is working with clients and industry groups to keep its technology up with standards as they develop. "We're letting the market drive the requirements for the technology."

Companies like AdForce and 24/7 Media have been working to develop ad serving technology for wireless and other platforms, but the Engage division is the first to offer such software that its customers can use in-house.