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EverAd Inks Deals with Software Developers

EverAd Inc., a player in the advertising-in-software arena, this week rounded up a stable of software developers that have agreed to integrate EverAd-served ads into their products.

EverAd says GNEt.com, Phillipe Marquis, Sunny Moon Consulting, ListSoft, Mikko's Software, Van Soft and Tempic Inc. will be putting advertising in their software applications.

The company is working with these companies for its new SoftJ division. EverAd also operates a music group, PlayJ, which does ad-supported digital downloads of music files.

"SoftJ reinforces EverAd's commitment to offer free or subsidized software to users while helping our partners generate revenue through ads," said Amir Weisberg, chairman and chief executive officer of EverAd.

SoftJ will soon begin distributing the software through sites like Download.com and Tucows.com, and expects to launch its own download site in mid-August.

Other companies with similar models include Radiate and Conducent. All hope to help software developers increase their revenues through the use of ad-supported versions, rather than shareware or freeware versions, of programs.