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ADSmart Signs The Mountain Zone

The ADSmart network in Andover, MA said it is partnering with The Mountain Zone, an online active sports destination for Generation X'ers.

ADSmart will serve as the exclusive advertising sales channel for The Mountain Zone, reaching advertisers looking to target The Mountain Zone's audience of "twenty-somethings," who are skiers, mountain climbers, and snow boarders.

ADSmart features a variety of affinity networks focused on special interest topics for a variety of demographic groups. Within each affinity network, in this case, active sports, ADSmart captures different target audiences.

ADSmart has an established relationship with GORP, another Internet active sports site built specifically for "baby boomers"--people 35 to 50 years old.

"Advertisers don't want to search for high-quality sites and audiences all over the Internet--it's too vast, too unfocused and not cost efficient," said Martin Lowrie, president, ADSmart. "We're building affinity networks that incorporate premier Internet sites focused on specific topics, for particular demographics, to create a focused sales channel for advertising on the Internet. As a result, we are concentrating reach on the Internet, rather than broadening reach."

Lowrie added that ADSmart plans to build its active sports affinity network by adding other active sports sites that do not compete directly with sites currently in the network, but do provide additional value and audiences to advertisers.

Other affinity networks include College, Sports, Travel, Technology, and Finance/Investing, drawing a reported 8 million unique viewers each month to more than 50 Web sites. The ADSmart Network is a majority-owned subsidiary of CMG Information Service.